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Play this Lines game online for free!

Play Lines Online! Match Five Lines Online!
This cool Lines game will make you think and concentrate for hours. It’s one of the best games for brain. Dare to accept the challenge?

But before you jump into the Lines fun, you can have a peak at Lines rules.

Online Lines Essentials

There are different types of Lines. The most popular Lines game has Balls. But this unique Lines game offers you completely unique gaming experience. Instead of old-school balls, you’ll be playing with unique items, such as pencils, microchips, and etc.

Lines Game Rules

The game randomly gives three icons on the game board at every round, you have to strategically select one icon (click on it) and move it to the most convenient location (click on target square). You need to collect at least five similar icons together. The more icons of the same type you get, the bigger score you will have.

Anyway, Lines will help you overcome cubicle boredom. Dare to accept the challenge?